Asea Water is a discovery that rarely occurs in the health industry! It's a cellular supplement that renews, repairs and restores each cell in our entire body!

Just like the thousands of other people drinking Asea, you too could be experiencing increased health benefits, anti-aging effects and athletic endurance.

Asea Reviews

Asea reviews are an excellent way to gain insight and information on the Asea product. Here we will discuss the some of the aspects of Asea such as its taste, the company, the cost, the business opportunity, etc. But the best way to judge a product is to listen to some of the real testimonies.

These Asea reviews are true and accurate as they originate from actual Asea usage and third-party documentation which is publicly available. I’ve been using Asea for almost a year at the time of this writing so I have extended experience with this product. And I surely would not continue taking it unless it was effective.

‘Real’ Asea Reviews

So make sure when you read other Asea reviews that the reviewing author has at least a few months experience with taking Asea because in some cases it takes more than a month to start seeing positive results. But in most cases, you are able to sense some effect within the first week such as more energy and/or better sleep.

Ok, lets get to the first of these Asea reviews.

The Taste Of Asea

You may have read or heard that Asea tastes like salt water. Well that tells you that your source hasn’t actually had Asea because it doesn’t taste like salt at all. There’s no hint of saltiness what so ever. They are simply assuming this because the Asea ingredients on the bottle are distilled water and NaCl.

The actual taste sensation is more of chlorine or pool-water when you begin taking Asea. This taste sensation will diminish as you keep taking it. This is because your cells are out of balance when you start taking Asea and as you continue using it, your cells gradually become in-balance and the chlorine taste slowly fades away. When I drink Asea now, I don’t sense chlorine at all.

‘Authentic’ Asea Reviews

Now, above you’ll notice that I say ‘taste sensation’ instead of just ‘taste’. This is because the taste buds on your tongue can only distinguish between 4 tastes….sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and sour. Asea has none of these. So the chlorine sensation is one that is detected by the olfactory lobes. As you exhale through your nose, you pick-up the chlorine scent. Again as these olfactory cells become balanced, this scent fades.

I will be adding more Asea reviews as mentioned above very soon so check back here soon..