Asea Water is a discovery that rarely occurs in the health industry! It's a cellular supplement that renews, repairs and restores each cell in our entire body!

Just like the thousands of other people drinking Asea, you too could be experiencing increased health benefits, anti-aging effects and athletic endurance.

Asea Water Science

ASEA Water BottleThe science of Asea water is best understood by having some knowledge of the widely known cellular process of redox signaling and reactive molecules. In short, redox signaling between the reactive molecules in ours cells are directly related to the health of the cell. When we are young we have an abundance of these molecules….that’s why we have so much energy and so few ailments.
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As we age into adulthood, our cells drastically reduce their production of the molecules. Simply put, Asea water adds back these reactive molecules in our cells so that redox signaling can occur at sufficient levels to maintain health.

It has been known for decades the purpose and function of these molecules and signaling. Its also been known that they are vitally important to the health of the cell and, therefore, the health of the associated tissue. Prior to the development of Asea water, scientists were able to reproduce these molecules in a laboratory environment but the molecules quickly became unstable and reverted back to an inert state.

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Asea water was born from the incredible breakthrough by Dr. Gary Samuelson and his team of scientists when, after 16 years of development, they successfully created a process that kept these molecule in a stable form for a very long period of time. This process was so ground-breaking they were able to earn a patent!

There’s been a lot of discussion concerning the Asea ingredients where people are stating that Asea water is really just salt water. And a quick look at the bottle would lead someone to assume that is the case. But the real explanation is that the Asea water molecules are made from the same elements that comprise salt water….they are simply assembled differently through the patented process.

Moreover, the contents of Asea water has been tested by third-party sources and they have confirmed that Asea contains the exact same molecules as found in each of our cells.  You can download these reports plus much more data on Asea water at our Documentation page.