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Asea IngredientsThe topic of Asea ingredients has gotten extremely popular as Asea water continues to gain customer after customer at an unprecedented pace. The popularity of this topic is further expanded due to the suspicion that Asea is simply selling salt water. Which compels people to research the ingredients of Asea.

The Asea ingredients listed on each bottle include only two items: Distilled Water and Sodium Chloride. Breaking this down further yields Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium and Chlorine. The process of making Asea begins with water and salt. The accusation of Asea being salt water originates from people who have only looked at or heard about the ingredients on the bottle.  They are same people who are promoting the Asea scam rumor. Truth is, if they tried the product they would know it certainly does not taste like salt water.

This is the first indication that should cause an eyebrow to raise. ‘If the Asea ingredients only have water and salt, why doesn’t taste like salt water?’

The reason is Asea’s patented three-day manufacturing process breaks the bonds of the NaCl molecules and reassembles the four base elements into a stable form of redox signaling molecules. This removes the salt taste but gets replaced by a more chlorine taste. The chlorine taste in directly related to the level of balance in your body. If your body is severely out of balance you will experience a stronger chlorine taste. The more in-balance you become, this taste will gradually subside. So when someone says that Asea is just salt water, you know they have not tried the product and haven’t experienced all it’s positive effects.

Also notice that the amounts of Sodium and Chlorine are less than 10% of daily recommended amount.

How can four simple elements comprising the Asea ingredients be responsible for so many  testimonies of improved athletic endurance, incredible healing of the body and anti-aging effects? The reason is that the manufacturing process reassembles these elements into the very same molecules our cells have been depleted of from the aging process. Once our cells get back in balance we experience a complete revitalization! Asea water health benefits are unending.

Read more about how the role of Asea ingredients play in exact of science of Asea water!.

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