RENU28 is the newest product from the makers of Asea. It contains the same concentrated rejuvenating redox signaling molecules in a topical gel.

RENU 28 encourages the efficiency and resiliency of your skin cells reproduction to augment/improve your body's natural efforts to keep your skin healthy


renu28RENU 28 provides you with a way to care for your body from the outside in, treating your skin with the science of Redox Signaling. As the body’s largest organ, your skin is a direct reflection of your overall wellbeing. Keeping it healthy is no small task. Every day your skin battles age and environmental factors.

RENU 28 encourages the strength and resiliency of your skin cell reproduction in partnership with your body’s natural efforts to keep your skin healthy. The powerful science behind RENU 28 delivers gentle, effective treatment to repair and comfort aging or damaged skin. Through Redox Signaling technology, this unique gel provides essential support to the all-important cellular mechanisms that are the foundation of your skin’s structure. Vital to the health of living cells, RENU 28 provides critical connections and communication between cells with Redox Signaling molecules to ensure optimum renewal and replenishment.
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