Asea Water is a discovery that rarely occurs in the health industry! It's a cellular supplement that renews, repairs and restores each cell in our entire body!

Just like the thousands of other people drinking Asea, you too could be experiencing increased health benefits, anti-aging effects and athletic endurance.

The Asea Scam

Asea Scam DetectiveIndeed, it is very easy to be curious about the ‘Asea scam‘ idea. From the surface, it appears that Asea has found a way to successfully market salt water! If you read the ingredients on the bottle it plainly states distilled water and sodium chloride (NaCl) which we all know is salt.

However when a company appears to be marketing salt water and:

  • They state that the product is repairing and healing damaged cells
  • Hundreds of people who begin taking Asea choose to keep taking it

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The Asea scam subject deserves a closer look. So lets just do that.

The definition of ‘scam’ is defined as a fraudulent scheme, especially for the purposes of making money. So the question is, is Asea perpetrating a fraudulent scheme? Therefore we must decide if their claims of Asea water are false or misleading. We already know they are selling tens of thousands of bottles per year while only have been available since late 2009.

First, we need to look at the company then the product and lastly, the business opportunity. Since there are hundreds of new company’s that begin their life with the purpose of being fraudulent, it is a legitimate exercise in doing our own investigation.

So lets start this Asea scam investigation by reviewing the Asea Company or you can go straight to the testimonies page